How Does This "Silent Subliminal" Technology Work?

Most subliminal tapes have affirmations or positive statements recorded on them. Then some sort of music or other "soundtrack" is recorded on top of the voice at a slightly louder volume so it "masks" the affirmations.

The "Silent Subliminal" process uses a different approach. When you hear something, what really happens behind-the-scenes is your ear picks up "vibrations," sends them to your brain, your brain "decodes" them, and changes them into the words or sounds you hear consciously.

The "Silent Affirmation" process works in a similar way, but it bypasses the part of the hearing process that allows you to be consciously aware of things. It takes the spoken affirmations and "vibrates" them a lot faster - so much faster, in fact, that you're not consciously aware of them at all, but they're easily picked up by your ear and "decoded" by your brain at the unconscious level.

You know how people always say there are sound frequencies dogs can hear but humans can't? This is the same idea. In case you want a technical explanation, the ultra high frequency actually vibrates against the "tympanic membrane" of your ear at a very strong, yet totally safe level (80-100 db). Your brain then "decodes" the vibrations and converts them back into the words you were intended to hear and benefit from.

How Can I Make Sure The Tape
Actually Has Subliminal Messages On It?

When a Silent Subliminal tape is played at normal volume, you "hear" nothing. But turn up the volume and you'll actually hear audible sounds that represent the voice delivering the subliminal messages on the tape.

Survey Reveals Overwhelming Effectiveness!

In a survey conducted by Whole Brain Learning Institute, the effectiveness of the Silent Subliminal tapes was overwhelming. 80% of the 100 participants reported that they definitely benefited from the use of the tapes using this remarkable technology.

In addition, researchers at the Medical College of Virginia reported in the July 5th, 1991 issue of SCIENCE, the journal of the Association of Science, that both hearing impaired and deaf people are able to understand words transmitted at these high frequency levels once thought to be outside the range of humans.

If the profoundly deaf can hear, using high frequency vibrations, the implications of this new technology for normal listeners like you is equally astounding!

How Do I Use The Tape?

You can use this tape almost any way you choose. You can use it like a meditation tape, where you get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and put all your focus into listening to the tape. You can play it through the speakers of your stereo while you work, while you do the dishes, while you read or workout, just about at any time.

You can even have it playing through your stereo system while you sleep, or use one of those pillow speakers you can get at any radio Shack. The more you listen, the more benefit you'll get. I recommend listening to the tape at least once a day, if possible.