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Certificates and Complete Mastery

For those who want complete mastery - I have created an advanced website for people who want to Completely Master  Reiki in all its forms and offers Certificates and an Extensive Masters REIKI manual (see below) and also includes the Kundalini  Master Initiations. THIS WAY I CAN ENSURE ANYONE who practices on clients for money etc will have all the Reiki TOOLS at their hand (so to say..!)   

You will get this Complete REIKI MASTERY PACKAGE for only $ 89 USD:

Quick "peek" at the Contents you'll get....

  • Reiki Professional Level I Attunement (Get it for FREE)
  • Reiki Professional Level II Attunement
  • Reiki Professional Master Attunement
  • Full Reiki Professional Master Certificate
  • (You receive the Usui Reiki Manual via e-mail)
  • Full Kundalini Master Level guides
  • Kundalini 1-3 Initiation
  • Kundalini Master Certificate
  • (You receive the certificate via international postal service)
  • Easy to follow "Step by Step"
  • Your Reiki & Kundalini Linage
  • Reiki Master symbols explained
    and how/when to correctly use
  • Advanced Reiki healing

Bonus material included
A REIKI Healing CD:

This CD supports the Reiki Healing and Attunement process:

This HoloCD has a  frequency modulation sound layer that stimulates your brain with a deep meditation sound frequency and has the following effects:


Safely and effortlessly take you to states of profoundly deep (and extremely pleasurable) meditation…


Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to a high-performance state scientists call "whole brain functioning"…


Dramatically improve your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly…


Create true quantum leaps in your personal self awareness…


Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of harmful brain chemicals related to stress…


Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health—even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches…


Dramatically increase your production of vital (and very pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your longevity, well-being, and quality of life…

You will get this CD together with your Reiki Professional Manual and Certificate via International Postal service within 14 days worldwide.

In this simply "Step by Step" guide it explains the Secret Initiations in detail at each level of Reiki so you can "fully" master these plus special symbols to "cement" your new found Reiki skills. It will also show you how to easily attune and train up others into Reiki plus much more!

This Masters REIKI manual takes a Reiki novice to be "completely" PROFICIENT in a short time

You won't find this Reiki information in any Reiki books you'll buy from your local book store!. The information I will "directly reveal" to you in this Professional Reiki book is what usually makes the cost of typical Reiki Master training to be over $500(or more), this figure used to be a fixed $10,000 until quite recently for all new Reiki Masters.

As a BONUS  you will get the outstanding CD (see the Table above).  Here are just ten of the infinite number of possibilities and abilities that can be achieved in an altered state of consciousness with powerful FREE BONUS CD:

1. Deep levels of meditation
2. Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences
3. Much closer to the Subconscious Mind for Manifestation of your Abundance, Health and Happiness with The Law of Attraction
4. Receiving messages and inspiration from your Higher Self
5. Greatly enhanced levels of Healing Power
6. Clairvoyance - in the theta state the Astral worlds can often be viewed
7. Communicating with Spirit Guides and others residing in the Astral
8. Relief of stress
9. Resolution of emotional issues
10. Make up for lost sleep and feel refreshed and free of fatigue - 20 minutes in theta is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep

This BONUS  CD can quite easily enhance your Reiki abilities to heal others or to practice Self- Healing.


After you have paid over Paypal, you will receive immediatly the manual. The CD and Certificiate will be shipped to your address right away. I will personally arrange with you a date and time for your attunement within the next 3 days.

Order now the Professional Reiki Mastery Package and the Bonus CD for the absolute low introductory price!
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On-line using "Paypal", you request to send the payment of $89 for shipping & handling to

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You cover the shipping & handling through Paypal. Paypal is easy and secure. Paypal is an EBAY subsidiary.

After you have paid over Paypal, you will immediatly receive the manual. The CD and certificiate will be shipped right away to your address. I will personally arrange with you a date and time for your the attunement within the next 3 days.

I sincerely wish you well and I’m sure Reiki will add another perspective to your personal ascension.With this package you get it all!

Get all the  Reiki Master attunements now and go on and Practise, Practise, Practise.

Tom OM

Chiropractor-Spiritual Healer-Reiki Master