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Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years.


Ascended Masters

The Brothers of Light
are a spiritual
organization which
consist of the highest initiates of our cosmic system. Read more...

Ascended Masters

Chakras are important Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual or etheric body, that contains the Chakras.





JESUS was and is the Son of God with an uppercase "S". We are sons and daughters of God with a lowercase "s" and "d" - but we will become "uppercase", when we ascend - and become one with our "I AM PRESENCE", and "HOLY CHRIST SELF"!

It was said that Christ was one of the guardians who came from Venus. He was in embodiment at the time of Moses as Joshua...

He was prepared for many embodiments before that lifetime, in which He was to manifest the Christ and leave the example for mankind. He came into that embodiment without personal (karma) human creation, but He came into a mortal (physical) body created from physical sub-stance with tendencies of race consciousness. A body of substance of the vibratory action of the physical world therefore not self-luminous in itself. It took on the lumin-osity at Transfiguration when His Christ Self expanded the light through Him to that extent. He had by am plying this law and through the use of the Violet Flame and the Resurrection Flame, purified the substance of that physical body to the point where this could be done. This same action applies to the Lord Gautama and He worked His way through the psychic strata in Earth’s atmosphere. Jesus started certain work for the purifica-tion of the Earth and the freedom of mankind then, which is only now being completed. He came at a point of great darkness and through His mission the currents were reversed.

The Christian dispensation was designed at inner levels. When the drama was shown on the cosmic screen, about thirty sixth ray individuals who had much development and mastery volunteered for the initiation of the public crucifixion. Christ was the one chosen and then others were chosen who would come and be the guards, pro-tectors, the mother, the father, the disciples and helpers.

The Three Wise Men with Jesus formed the square— the squaring of the circle. Jesus as a small child first attended classes in the Temple at Karnak, Egypt. They were in Egypt a number of years before returning to the land of His birth. Jesus also called Lord Maitreya “Father”, Who was His Guru or Teacher, and Whom He recognized in His outer consciousness when yet a small boy. Their attune-ment and association grew and Their connection became closer and closer until They were as one in action. That is how the healing and so-called miracles were performed by Jesus.

He was in training in various Retreats, monasteries and such like during the period between the age of twelve and twenty-eight. He was in a monastery in Kashmir val-ley for five years, and there are scrolls preserved there which He wrote Himself.

Before Joseph passed on he informed Jesus that before He attained His majority He would be required to journey to India by foot to receive training from Joseph’s Teacher and Master the Divine Director. Christ made that journey soon after Joseph’s passing.

He was in the Retreat for some length of time, when one day He received the mantram “I AM the Resurrec-tion and the Life” from the Master. (A Master can con-vey an idea or message to his pupil on the inner and it need not necessarily be through the spoken word.) He had received no outer recognition from the Master al-though He knew perfectly well who Jesus was, His mis-sion and of His coming. That statement was vital to Him—a key-phrase and He returned home, walked all the way, with that uppermost in His consciousness. The result of the use of that statement is a raising action. One thing definitely taught there, was that a decree had efficacy only when the truth affirmed was accepted and understood within the consciousness, in feeling.

He belonged to the Order of Zadkiel. He changed the quality of energy, He changed rough seas into peace, sickness into health, death into life. Another statement Jesus gave which was not recorded, was I AM the fulness of that great Light”. When He said greater things than these shall ye do, He knew then that, as He went on into cosmic activity and would charge or enfold someone that was prepared, in His Flame of cosmic momentum they could then do even greater things than He did; also there would be greater opportunities, such as now. He had this instruction we have been given, and gave the teaching to approximately three thousand people. Spiritually He touched less than five hundred lifestreams in His lifetime. About five hundred witnessed His Ascension. Jesus and Mary were at Luxor, Egypt, for about three years previous to Jesus’ public ministry. There They both took the final intiation given at that Retreat. This initiation is to consciously suspend the breath from the body and then after a certain length of time animate the body again. This was done in preparation for Jesus’ crucifixion.

Jesus did not suffer when He was on the cross because He had withdrawn His consciousness into His own Christ Self or Higher Mental Body; He kept just enough connec-tion with the physical body to enable Him to speak those words, “Father how Thou hast glorified Me” (not forsaken me) which He spoke on the cross. When He had been taken off the cross His outer consciousness again entered the physical body. The three days He was in the tomb He completely purified that body by the use of light rays. When Archangel Gabriel rolled away the stone and He came forth that first Easter morning He had drawn the purified essence of the physical body into His own Christ Self and all else was consumed or transmuted. That was done through the action of the Resurrection Flame. There were only about twenty persons on Palm Sunday who were aware of the action and significance of that resurrection, to be; which was an externalization of the victory over death, and was not meant to portray the sorrows of crucifixion.

He was now the manifestation of the Christ Self and thus He walked and talked with His Mother Mary and some of His friends and disciples, for those forty days. The Christ Self is really consciousness and one must cultivate Its action through his thinking and feeling, until he develops the fullness of It. Jesus had ascended into the Christ Self, that was one step, but He was not yet wholly ascended. The fortieth day when He walked to the top of Bethany Hill and entered the Heavens in blazing Light, that completed His Ascension. When Jesus ascended into the Electronic Body of His I AM Presence He poured forth an individual-ized flame around the heart of every Lifestream embodied or dis-embodied, and will sustain it until each one is free in the Ascension. Jesus, before His Ascension, also vowed (as Mary had) to assist those lifestreams who had lost their lives as babies by the order of King Herod. Jesus was permitted by the great Law to consume, transmute at inner levels at the time of His Ascension some karma for certain life-streams. He could reach only some of those who were ready for spiritual enlightenment and who should have been reached during His ministry, but because of lack of transportation and communication facilities He was unable to reach them. Therefore, the Law permitted Him to give that assistance then. This has been misconstrued into the idea of vicarious atonement.

We were told the one on the cross to the right of Jesus did make the Ascension. Jesus has appeared thousands of times since He ascended from Earth. He appeared twenty-one nights in succession and once five days later, to a noted artist Charles Sindelar, (read also JESUS CHRIST speaks) who painted His portrait. When the painting was finished He ceased to appear.

One of Christ’s actions is the Central Sun magnet, which is drawing and directing currents of energy.

The fiat for the “Light as of a thousand suns” to descend if necessary, and transmute all human creation, was issued the third time August 22, 1937, by Jesus.

Jesus has been Chohan of the Sixth Ray since after His Ascension. January 1, 1956, He was raised to the position of World Teacher (along with Kuthumi), but still held connection with the Chohanship.

Jesus has golden hair and blue eyes. The music of “Joy to the World” would accompany Jesus’ visitations after His Resurrection and often be heard before they were aware of His Presence.


Now you have the chance to be initiated into the Jesus Energies. They will envoke in you the energy vibration of Jesus.

The Energy vibration of Master Jesus Christ is: Resurrection, Love, Ascension, Alignment to the Will of GOD.

You will receive 2 attunements, a Jesus Chakra Oil and a manual. The first is the basic ALL Ascended Master Attunement. The second is the specific Jesus attunement.

Use them to enhance yor spiritual path to Self-Mastery and embody the Power of the Masters.

You will get these initiations for only $ 49 USD.


After you have paid over the secure server of PayPal we will agree on a date and time for YOU to receive the attunements and the manual. I will mail you the oil via international Postal Service FREE within 14 days worldwide.

For any questions please contact me.



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Tom Om, Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master

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