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Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years.


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The Brothers of Light
are a spiritual
organization which
consist of the highest initiates of our cosmic system. Read more...

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Chakras are important Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual or etheric body, that contains the Chakras.


Self Love

Self Love

Self Love is the basis of Love.

Why do many people continuously get trapped in the vicious circle of relationships based on infatuation? It is simple: they do not love themselves, and therefore they are willing to forfeit their individuality, including their wants and needs, just to have somebody in their life.

The degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you will be able to extend love to others, and inevitably to find Self Love - the one for you.

Do you extend as much kindness to yourself, as you do to others? Do you love yourself?

Take a few moments. Ponder these questions carefully and soulfully.

Look at the second question again. Are you guilty of giving up time with friends and family - or, perhaps more importantly, giving up the pursuit of your dreams -- for the sake of another? If this is you, don't panic or feel bad: you are not alone. Millions of people are in this vicious circle. The good news is that you can change, reverse this pattern, and move from a vicious circle into Self Love.

Don't know where to begin to manifest Self Love?

Let me provide the "Self Love" road map, so you can recognize the road signs on your path to Self Love.

It all starts with you. You are the center of your "Self Love".

Finding the right person with whom to share your life is not the first focus of loving. The primary focus is how you live your daily life: it's developing your capacity for Self Love, so that you may better love those around you. It all centers on you. On a daily basis, increase the love you give to yourself. Be kind and loving to you. Start doing things for you. This is Self Love. This is not being selfish: this is an act of self-love. You will be amazed how your new attitude towards giving and receiving love returns to you.

Love extended to others in a healthy way is like the knowledge that a teacher shares with his or her students. At the end of the class, the teacher retains the knowledge and the students have gained the knowledge. Love is like the teacher's knowledge in that it should be shared, not given away at one's own expense. The more you share love, the more love you will gain.

There is a world of difference between the person who possesses self-love and the person who does not. The former is truly giving in sharing love with others, whereas the latter is not. It all starts with loving yourself: this will allow you to give a more enriched love to others. Once you reach this point, your Self Love will expand.
Within an expanded Circle of Love, you will be able to extend, attract, and recognize committed love. Once you have the committed love you seek, you can rise to new levels of love in your life. Love's Journey is an endless road, and your Loves' Circle just keeps getting bigger.

Erich Fromm in his book, The Art of Loving, described love and Self Love as an art that requires patience, confidence, discipline, concentration, faith and practice daily. Today, more than ever, knowledge and skills are required to master The Art of Loving.
Your life and the lives of those you love are happening now. Your life today is not a dress rehearsal for another life you will have later... Live it with love now. Create Self Love first.  

Now you have the opportunity to receive a Self Love Attunement from the Ascended Master Nada:        

Self Love Mastery Sequences

"In order for another to love us the way we chose to be loved, we must first learn to love ourselves. In loving ourselves, we discover the way GOD loves us through his eyes and heart. Self-Love can be difficult to master due to the socialization and upbringing that most of you experience that tells you that you are not good enough unless you are thin, beautiful, successful and rich. All of these things are illusions designed to trap you in a world where you are more separated from GOD and his love. These mastery sequences will awaken the truth that you are GOD’s love no matter what you do or don’t do. They will serve to heal the wounds of your past and to raise you to the greatest heights of GOD’s love. In knowing and experiencing GOD’s love, you will be able to understand and love yourself, for you are a divine extension of GOD’s love created from his greatest love."  Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Nada

Heart & Self Love Activation Codes

  • Angelic Heart & Self Love Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Partnership Forgiveness of the Past
  • Heart & Self Love Forgiveness of yourself
  • Heart & Self Love Forgiveness of beating up on yourself
  • Heart & Self Love Alignment with your Higher Self
  • Heart & Self Love Alignment with your Monad
  • Buddha Heart & Self Love Alignment/Activation
  • Christ Heart & Self Love Alignment/Activation
  • Cosmos Heart & Self Love Alignment/Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Forgiveness Activation
  • Heart& Self Love Fractals Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Kabbalah Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Kundalini Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Light Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Mastery Activation
  • Heart & Self Love Rays Activation

You will receive all attunement codes above as a distant attunement and additionally on a CD, which is enhanced with deep meditation and brainwave entrainment background sound to deepen the initiation level. Every time you will listen to this CD, your Higher Self will integrate these codes on the optimal energetic level.

The Cost of this each life changing CD is only $ 69 USD. You will also receive the Ebook
'Transform Fear into Love' for FREE.

Also included is a working sheet on how to practically open your heart and develop more love approach.

Get it now!

After you have paid over the secure server of PayPal
I will send the Ebook to your e-mail and the CD via international Postal Service FREE within 14 days worldwide. For any questions please contact me.






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Tom Om, Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master

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