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Original Japanese Reiki Founder "Dr. Mikao Usui"

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Chakra & Energy Transformations of Reiki Attunements

Reiki Energy

Reiki 1: Energy Attunement



Reiki Energy

Reiki 2: Energy Stabilization




Reiki Energy

Reiki 3: Energy Expansion




Reiki Energy

Reiki Master: Energy Integration

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Reiki Videos

Here are some selected Reiki Videos in order to learn or enjoy Reiki and its benefits. Reiki videos also inform and teach you how to use the powerful Reiki Modalities. Enjoy!

Experience the healing power of Reiki..Each of these statements and pictures have been given Reiki by me to send to you. The symbols that you see are the power symbol and the distance healing symbol. The hands represent mine with the universal healing power flowing through them. The music that you hear has also been reikied so that as it plays it send out the healing Reiki energy. Enjoy and heal.


The Master attunement and it's powerful Reiki Master symbol will take you to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. It will enhance and empower all your healing work and other Reiki symbols. It will expand your personal and spiritual growth


REIKI SELF TREATMENT POSITIONS by Roger Moretto Reiki Learn Courses and stages workshop of Reiki Usui


Reiki is defined as both a name for the energy produced by a living body and a method of interacting with that energy . Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion and Wisdom