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Self-Healing Hand Positions

Once you have received your Reiki l attunement, doing a Reiki self treatment should become a part of your daily routine. The more Reiki we do the more Reiki energy will flow through us.

There are basic hand positions that one is taught to use and the photos below will show how to place your hands for a self treatment which are basically the same area as the hand positions taught for client treatment but tailored for the self. These are just the starting positions if you feel guided to place your hands elsewhere follow your intuition. Many find the back positions difficult to do at first, if you find a more comfortable way to put your hands by all means place your hands in a position that feels right for you. Reiki will always go where it is needed.

When you first start to do Reiki you may feel heat, cold, tingling, pulsing sensations coming from your hands or areas of the body being treated or you may feel nothing at all. Have faith that Reiki is flowing since worry and lack of self confidence will effect the Reiki flow. If you don't feel anything you can work on awareness exercises or do a Reiki treatment on a friend and ask what they may be feeling. 


Head Position 1

Reiki Position Head 1

Head Position 2

Reiki Position Head 2

Head Position 3

Reiki Position Head 3

Head Position 4

Reiki Position Head 4


Front 1

Reiki Position Front 1


Front 2

Reiki Position Front 2

Front 3

Reiki Position Front 3

Front 4

Reiki Position Front 4

Back 1

Reiki Position Back 1

Back 2

Reiki Position Back 2

Back 3

Reiki Position Back 3

Back 4

Reiki Position Back 4

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