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Original Japanese Reiki Founder "Dr. Mikao Usui"

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Chakra & Energy Transformations of Reiki Attunements

Reiki Energy

Reiki 1: Energy Attunement



Reiki Energy

Reiki 2: Energy Stabilization




Reiki Energy

Reiki 3: Energy Expansion




Reiki Energy

Reiki Master: Energy Integration

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Reiki Healing Request

To take part in the Remote Reiki Healing Request please click the PayPal DONATE button and fill out all necessary data either for you, a patient, an animal or a place.

After I receive your mail notification we will agree on a date and time where you will receive the Reiki Healing Power Package. To prepare and receive this Reiki Healing attunement effectively please click here. To assist the healing process, I recommend, that you follow other important guidelines such as diet, exercise, meditation, deep relaxation etc.

Note: If you request this healing for another person, please ask for his/her permission first.

And for animals please provide me what kind of animal, the name and age.

NOTE: If you under medical treatment never stop your health care professional or doctors work since my treatments are complementary and work in a different energetic frame. There is no disturbance in the treatments.

Remote Reiki Healing for YOU

Time frame: The Reiki Healing Transmission should be renewed after one nonth, since the your energetic field changes rapidly.

Cost: Service on Donation

Click the paypal button above to proceed and fill in your excact medical diagnose.