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Brainwave Entrainment

We will introduce you here the BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT REIKI CD, an extraordinary Reiki Tool either for you as a Reiki Practitioner or for your clients.

What is the HOLOPOWER Reiki CD about?

The BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT REIKI CD is an extremely powerful and proven 45 minute brainwave entrainment track that has helped numerous people over the last few years in;numerous positive and powerful ways - some unexpected. The BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT REIKI CD has all; the power and flexibility you will need for slowing down and maintaining your brainwave frequencies for numerous inner purposes and abilities such as deep meditation, healing, manifestation, deep physical relaxation, Astral projection, inner communication and much more. In fact with this REIKI CD you are quite literally only limited only by your imagination.

There are many different "binaural beat" tracks out there promising all sorts of results, very often making fantastic claims which are never substantiated and sometimes not even realistically possible. There are even very expensive products that "hook" you in to purchasing a whole series of CD's, each costing a hundred dollars or more, claiming that you must "complete the first CD before moving on to the next" as part of the training course.

My extensive research in to brainwave entrainment confirms that this approach is, in my opinion, totally unsubstantiated, there being no evidence that the brain can be entrained in this way over a number of CD's . Such products are offered on the erroneous premise that brainwaves only work on a single frequency at a time, and must therefore be progressively "trained" like "training wheels", to ever lower frequencies. This is simply not the case. The brain in fact although functioning on a dominant frequency at any one time, actually operates on a very wide spectrum of frequencies all the time - it must do that in order to function properly in the physical world. Similarly, the so called "carrier frequencies", the frequency pair that constitute a binaural beat have no significant influence according to my research and the research of many others.

The BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT REIKI CD, in this knowledge, was originally developed and has been constantly updated with the very latest psycho acoustic technologies, and incorporates a very wide range of precisely layered and synchronized tone frequencies,resulting in a 45 minute experience takes you from a normal waking state down through the alpha and then theta states to achieve effective altered states of consciousness and keep you there for a time,which is the main objective of most people who otherwise would not be able to achieve this without considerable daily practice over many years.
In these altered states of consciousness many abilities that were out of reach during normal active levels of consciousness become possible without years of dedicated commitment, abilities such as deep meditation, astral projection and out of body experiences, manifestation using the Law of Attraction, clairvoyance, psychic, telekinesis and more. Each of these abilities are greatly enhanced by slowing down your brainwaves to an alpha or theta frequency. Onceyou have achieved an altered state, any of the abilities can be achieved by using the methods described in great detail in my Our Ultimate book.

During the development of this Audio CD we used a sophisticated Spectrum Analyzer to discover the frequencies and characteristics of many of the most famous brainwave entrainment products, including the most expensive ones, improved upon them, and then incorporated them into this CD together with a wide range of additional and complimentary frequencies that we developed ourselves based upon results and experience. All of these frequencies are very carefully layered together, and presented in such a way as to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Here are just ten of the infinite number of possibilities and abilities that can be achieved in an altered state of consciousness with the BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT REIKI CD:

1. Deep levels of meditation
2. Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences
3. Much closer to the Subconscious Mind for Manifestation of your Abundance, Health and Happiness with The Law of Attraction
4. Receiving messages and inspiration from your Higher Self

5. Greatly enhanced levels of HEALING POWER
6. Clairvoyance - in the theta state the Astral worlds can often be viewed
7. Communicating with Spirit Guides and others residing in the Astral
8. Relief of stress

9. Resolution of emotional issues
10. Make up for lost sleep and feel refreshed and free of fatigue - 20 minutes in theta is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep

No longer is it necessary to purchase a wide range of products of unknown performance from many different suppliers. This Audio CD can quite easily replace them all, and often does.

You will get this REIKI CD as a part of the Professional Reiki Mastery Package for FREE. But you can purchase this Reiki CD as an incredible Reiki Tool NOW, alone for only $ 49 USD