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Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years.


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Chakras are important Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual or etheric body, that contains the Chakras.




The only light which penetrated the Atlantis Healing Temple came through a vast dome on the roof. This Atlantis Healing dome was adjustable so that sunlight, either pure or filtered, could pour in through the roof whenever required. The Healing dome could also be closed so that no sunlight could enter the Temple at all.

The entrance to the Atlantis Healing Temple was rectangular. It was built of white, glistening stone; stone which looked as if it were filled with mica and color, and the heavy crossbeam of stone which spanned the doorway had sculptured upon it a white swan with its noble head raised upwards, moving gracefully outward.

There were groups of pillars composed of the precious white stone, which was bendable but could not be broken, which were moulded to form a perfect circular upright, and the steps were rectangular, in the same white glistening stone as the building itself.

There were no gates in the Atlantis Healing Temple, or walls to guard its gardens. The gardens were filled with blossoms; great beds of marigolds in their season, tulips, sunflowers, and many of the small, sweetly-perfumed roses. All gave of their glory for the healing of the people.

Just inside the entrance was a large Timekeeper Atlantis Healing Crystal. This powerful Atlantis Healing crystal protected the Temple from any harmful vibrations and negativity. It would not allow any person to pass inside the Atlantis Healing Temple unless that person had a genuine - and pure - reason for doing so. The crystal knew everything; nothing could be hidden! (click here for Atlantis Crystals)

Within the entrance there was a large hallway both to the right and left. Round the central circle were to be found two wide passages leading to the three special Atlantis Healing temples, which were to be found at the far end of the central building. These temples were also circular. They were not entered, nor was there any entrance, from the main Atlantis Healing temple, but the entrances were through doorways heavily curtained, opening upon these passages, which stretched to the right and the left of the main temple.

The central circular Atlantis Healing temple was a small special temple, where the healers studied and were trained, and on the right of that temple was the Atlantis Healing Temple of Teaching; on the left was the Atlantis Healing Temple of Research - not research in the sense that we use it today in connection with material things, but research into all which concerned the healing of the body and soul.

All the teaching was undertaken in the Atlantis Healing Temple of Teaching. All the training of the healers, where they were used as instruments and were not required to make use of their mind or brain, was undertaken in the third Atlantis Healing Temple.

Students who came to the Temple of Healing were obliged to become proficient in one of these arts, and were allocated and placed, either in the Temple of Teaching, in the Temple of Healing or in the Temple of Research. They were not allowed to follow the three courses at once; they had to prove their proficiency in their first choice before they were permitted to take a second course, in one of the other temples.

The central Temple of Healing was built over a lake, and you will find its counterpart very often today in the swimming pools which can be covered by a wooden floor, but in this case the floor was of amethyst, warm to the touch of naked feet, and radiant with light and power.

At the entrance to the central temple were the robing rooms for the priest healers, the students and the novices; all built of glistening white stone, and, although austere, very beautiful in harmony of color and design.

Between the robing rooms, which were very similar to cubicles one would find in Swimming Baths, was a passageway where there were further cubicles which were used for the cleansing and purification of the patients' bodies.

Healing, in the time of Atlantis, did not take place in a matter of a few minutes as is the case today; a patient would be required to visit the Temple many times for the purification of their physical body. Their hair was cut to the nape of their neck during their period of healing and, following baths in plain spring water, they passed through baths of perfumed warm water, before being given the white linen robe, in which they had to appear before their healer.

In the first of the smaller chambers of healing, the patient had to pass through the purification of the etheric body, and there, the healers, with their powers of clairvoyance and intuition, strengthened by their service in the Temple, would look for any dark places, or lack of light in the chakra and in the etheric body as a whole. The patient would only be permitted to go forward into the next healing chamber when the priest-healer in charge of this particular room could report that the patient's etheric body was completely cleansed and full of light.

Now you realize that our Spiritual Healing is originated in ATLANTIS. (click here)

In the next Atlantis Healing cubicle most of the patients would spend very much longer than in the first one, for here the weariness of the mind must be released, and as the mind relaxed and the body, in harmony, relaxed, the patient would talk to his teacher, telling him of the anxieties that troubled him and the weariness of the soul which oppressed him.

This is akin to what today we call psycho-analysis and it can be a very long process indeed. The work, therefore, undertaken in this mental room was of a truly specialized nature.

Only the greater - and more experienced - priests handled these patients, and many hours of the day were given up to complete relaxation and pleasant conversation, and the eating of fruits for the cleansing of the physical body. In particular the patients would drink citrus fruit juices and spring water, which played an important role in the overall healing process.

When the patient had passed all the necessary tests, he would move out of this second Atlantis Healing temple and into the temple for the healing of the physical body, but not until the negative side of his personality - hatred, jealousy, envy and selfishness - had been completely overcome; for as long as any envy, hatred, or jealousy agitates within the mind, the body cannot be considered whole and cleansed.

In the great central temple there were three daily healing sessions. In a gallery which ran round the temple below the level of the windows, were men and women students, who were taught wonderful music and singing, and in this gallery they would sing rhythmic chants and spiritual songs whilst the healing sessions were taking place in the temple below.

Twelve healers under one tutor-priest worked upon twelve patients at any one time. The beds, upon which the patients lay, were erected on white marble, built like rectangular boxes; the top was also made out of the same precious stone which could not be broken or cut, and each bed was composed of the stone of one color, representing one ray.

When the patient left the last healing room, he was given a six-pointed star in the color of the bed which he must occupy. This Atlantis Healing star he would give to the priest in charge of the patients of the temple, and it was strapped upon his forehead by the priest so that the moment he entered the great healing chamber, the healer-priest who belonged to that particular healing table would welcome his patient.

As soon as the patient lay upon the healing table, the radiations of his aura would project, as an emanation round his head and body, thus lighting up the whole of the corner of the room where he was lying, and opening for himself the power to absorb the ethers from the soil and the surrounding light ethers.

If, however, the patient was not able to radiate these ethers, then the healers standing beside that particular bed would stand motionless in meditation, until all the other eleven patients had been treated by their healers, and the patient would then have to return to the preparation on the mental plane, to learn a further period of relaxation. This rarely occurred though because normally all the patients were prepared and completely relaxed by the time that they reached the great Atlantis Healing chamber.

There were four healers to each bed; the Priest Initiate on the right, the second priest on the left, the third and fourth priests at the feet. The Priest Initiate directed the healing and the two priests at the feet poured power through the patient's feet from the palm of their hands.
Each healer wore a robe of the color of his own ray, and a cloak over his shoulders, also of the same color. During the Atlantis Healing session this cloak, taken by the corners, would be turned back, fastening at the hem by a jewelled clasp.

When the healing session was completed, the patients were allowed to enjoy a period of relaxation for approximately thirty minutes. At the end of this period the healers would leave their patients and the priest-in-charge of the Temple would lead the patients back to the robing room, where they would be given a meal of honey in the comb, crushed corn and milk, and sent away to their own homes.




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