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Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years.


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Chakras are important Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual or etheric body, that contains the Chakras.



The auras colors are the electromagnetic field surrounding an object. Some people refer to this field as a bio-energy field.

12 Auras colors are said to be the radiating field for human energy that extends continually throughout the space.

What are auras colors?


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Aura colors exist in every life form. Specifically it can be noticed on the human body as it supplies an electromagnetic interaction for the human energy field.

The fluctuation of the aura color may come up in altered sounds and lights iteration for the human's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacity.

There are seven bodies or zones which make up the general compositions of an aura. Every illusive body obtains an exclusive iteration that surrounds the human physical body. Thus, as the seven bodies affect one another, it will also tend to show clearly the inequalities of human behavior and health as well.

Auras colors can also be seen as our ethereal trademark, so if clairvoyant, can be our guide in seeing other person's thoughts before they expressed them verbally within their auras colors.

Basically aura colors can be interpreted in the following context:

RED: Because red is the blood's pigment, it is affiliated with strength, annoyance, poison, seduction, health, and passion, lessens feelin
gs of mistrust, and scent that provides energy.

ORANGE: Orange, a close relative of a red shade, flashes more controversy than any other shades. It stimulates activity, emotional self-expression, appetite and encourages socialization.

YELLOW: Mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling

GREEN: Green absorbs more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye. It is soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety and offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony.

BLUE: Verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, male energies, sadness, possibilities

PURPLE: Purple embodies the balance of red simulation and blue calm. A sense of mystic and royal qualities, uplifting, calming to mind and nerves, offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.

BROWN: Brown is the color preferred by people who tend to be orderly and conventional, ability to be anchoring and strengthening and it sometime describes someone as being in deep thought.

BLACK: Black is a placid shade evoking mystery, death, possibility, formality, prestige, elegance, and a feeling of inconspicuousness.

PINK: self-love, tenderness, female energies, gay energies, emphasis on physical appearances, being 'nice' at expense of being 'real'

WHITE(CLOUDY): It symbolizes cover up, conceal, zero visibility, illegal and rare.

WHITE(CLEAR LIGHT): It projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. It signifies the aids mental clarity, encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles, evokes purification of thoughts or actions and enables fresh beginnings.

GOLD: Because gold is a precious metal, the color gold is associated with wealth, health and prosperity. Gold promotes courage, confidence, willpower and a high sacred resonance.

In the future any therapeutic procedure will starts out with analyzing the auras colors, when either a device or a trained therapist will have the ability to figure out the quintessence of an individual through their auras colors and start a therapy which fits in the physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


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